About #missionlitterpickup


Our mission.

Our mission is simple — encourage others to pick up litter while out on activities such as dog walking, jogging or pushing a pram, and then post a photo of the rubbish on Facebook & Instagram. We simply cannot just walk past litter and not pick it up.

The key element of our movement is to share a picture on social media to inspire others and make an exponential difference. Many people are already picking up litter, but technology allows us to share that message with the world! It's time to use people power to shout it from the rooftops, and this can only happen if enough of us keep sharing the movement. 


One piece at a time.

We hear so much negative news, but if we share random acts of kindness like this every day, what a world it would be....

Saving the planet doesn't require millions of dollars or a full-time commitment. We are all in this together, and if we all do our tiny part, we can make the world a better place. Save our Earth, save our animals and save our friends around the world. All it takes is one piece of rubbish at a time. Then take a pic and post it!


Where it started.

I used to walk my dog Nami every day and see so much litter lying around, so I would pick up 2 to 3  pieces and carry it to the nearest bin. I had this idea to bring a bag with me on my next walk but kept forgetting to do so. I thought if I had a bag and a glove, I'd be able to pick up a lot more!

After 6 months of forgetting to take a bag, one day I remembered. When I got home I emptied the contents and was confronted by how much  I had picked up in a 20 min walk! So, I decided to take a pic of it and post it on our Community Facebook page. I also listed 15 benefits of picking up litter and made a bold request for anyone who already had a daily walking routine  to do the same.

My post got a lot of interaction and so I decided to post it to the surrounding suburbs community pages too. Lots of people have since started doing the same and it has sparked quite a movement!  The key element of the project is to share a pic and post on social media so more of us get confronted and inspired to get on board the project!

Photo by Renae Droop