Day 3 - Guaranteed to feel Awesome!


Day 3- Dog walk and litter pick up

 Guaranteed to feel awesome!

Today was Day 3 since I’ve started carrying a plastic bag and disposable glove with me on my dog walk and picking up litter as I go. I feel better every day and today I realised a few more benefits.

Because I’ve been walking a different route each day to pick up litter, my dog gets to sniff new things!

My brain is becoming more  alert ( based on neuro science) instead of going on the same ole, same ole route everyday.

I also am discovering my neighbourhood newly and saying hello to new people.

Today a guy stopped and said Thank you!

I am motivated to take my dog for a walk now that I see so many benefits!!

Benefits from my previous post

I feel awesome!

I'm a slightly more responsible citizen than I was yesterday.

The area I live in is a little bit cleaner.

I contributed to disposing off rubbish responsibly.

I'm pretty sure a few people would have seen me doing it and may also be inspired to do the same.

I moved some parts of my body I would not have normally moved as I bent down to pick up the litter.

I did not have to go out of my way to make a difference!

I have asked my son to do the same when he takes our dog for a walk.

Bonus - I can share it here and inspire others to do the same.

Carolyn Vincent